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Project Details
  • DATE : 2018
  • CLIENT : Signia Group
  • LOCATION : Zürich, Switzerland

Project info

Interior design and construction

Office spaces need careful consideration when designing their interiors since there are multiple functions that need to be catered for. This modern executive office design is for a company that offers a wide variety of industry-leading services. The office space caters for three main functions: a workspace, an informal sofa lounge and a more formal conference area. The entrance to the working space and to the conference room is via a glass door, integrated into a transparent glass wall. This helps to maintain visual contact with the rest of the space. An elegant pantry, with white furniture, is used for a coffee break or for guests. These functions are seamlessly integrated into the space without any visible partitions, which can affect the spaciousness and flexibility of the space. The fixtures are minimalist, clean and elegant.

Plan and sketches of the project.

dufourstrasse 041
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