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  • STATUS : Competition
  • LOCATION : Vienna, Austria

Project info

The Cube

The design sees all four sides and all four façades as equally important. As a result, the urban planning approach is restrained and compact. The specified zoning and development regulations are taken into account by the closed construction method and by retaining the western building line and the area to be landscaped. However, the defined building class II [2.5m to 12m] is considered irrelevant. A future necessary rezoning (type and scope according to the concept) is proposed by the design.


The concept is dedicated to organizational and structural innovation and attempts to convey through the school building that architectural potential often lies less in the optimization of the standardized building type - form follows function - than in the site-specific characteristic special solution and the diversity that arises through deviation from the norm - form follows fiction. The design has the following tasks in particular: to develop a modern school in the debate about what contribution architecture is capable of making as a conceptual, spatial and pedagogical concept alongside individual support in top-level education.

The External Staircase As A Connecting Element

Among other things, the generous external staircase fulfills a connecting function and gives the building an airy, open character.

Greenery In Abundance

The idea of the classic garden has been reinterpreted. The concept of the immediate outdoors has been implemented. Each floor has a direct connection to the external platforms or to the external staircase. Neither terraces nor balconies are defined, but rather large outdoor spaces that ensure a direct connection to nature.

Pedagogical Concept

Every room, including corridors and stairwells, is naturally lit. The pedagogical aim is to create spacious classrooms with even lighting.

Sport & Exercise

The concept with external stairs also aims to promote sport and exercise. Natural movement should be encouraged at an early age and sport should become an independent activity.


The façade consists of a calm beige concrete surface.

Plan and sketches of the project.

01_Site Plan
02_Floor Plans & Elevations
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