Project Details Design and construction coordination for a private client
  • DATE : 2021
  • CLIENT : homebay ag
  • STATUS : Under Construction
  • LOCATION : Frauenfeld, Switzerland

Project info


The ecological, economic, and cultural impact of a building is important to us. For this project we therefore selected materials and sources of energy that are sustainable, high quality and long-lasting. Combining discrete family accommodation with generous spaces for entertaining, the design of this multifamily residence house in Frauenfeld balances the constraints of the city with the alternating requirements for privacy and transparency. This three-story block contains six luxury apartments and one penthouse. The two lower stories have a variety of different apartments, and the top story extends to the roof.

The House

The apartment concepts are characterized by efficient and well-thought-out layouts. Targeted lighting and a compelling continuity of spaces are important aspects of our work. The accommodation is grouped around central cores and ranges from 2,5- to 4,5-room apartments, enhancing the sense of individuality and choice. Each balcony or glazed opening has been designed to capture a beautiful view of the landscape, and the apartments are configured in such a way that privacy is assured. Yet natural light, views and external space are optimized. The concept of the building is to be an accessible and wheelchair-friendly living space. For the façade, we chose a high-tech system with metal profiles. The precision of the façade details adds richness and depth to the structure.

Low-energy house

That high-quality building envelope and the controlled air exchange play a major role in the Minergie® requirements of this project. Other distinctive features of the building include their very low energy consumption and the maximum possible use of renewable energies.

The Penthouse

The design of this penthouse offers a modern lifestyle with luxury and relaxation, with panoramic views towards nature. The Penthouse was specially developed for a single family in need of a place to combine privacy with socializing living space. This project provides private outdoor spaces which similarly perform as urban houses on ground level, including terraces, patio, rooftop garden and swimming pool. Most entertaining facilities are located at the rooftop, while private facilities, such as main bedroom, two additional bedrooms, working space, bathrooms, SPA facility, Yoga space and a living area of roughly 70 m2 are situated on the first level. The concept of fluid and dynamic spaces is the mainstream of the entire project and has been applied for all levels and space allowing continues journey between the spaces. The patio is the core of the penthouse. The construction of the space was aimed at integrating the internal and external areas, the first and the top level. A sculptural staircase in the patio leads to the rooftop and the garden. On the top level, the owner can step out onto the terrace which provides an open outdoor space, thus allowing family and friends to enjoy sun and fresh air. The swimming pool and garden provide the ideal image of a single-family house. The guard rail, made of tempered glass, emphasizes the fluidity and the transparency that characterizes this modern project, apparently simple. It is emphasizing the visual permeability through the spaces, allowing the owner to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings, no matter which way he goes inside the house.