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Our company designs and builds innovative projects at all scales. Some of our projects are very conceptual, futuristic and utopic guided by current social and environmental issues, others combine functionality with elegance. We believe that architecture is about a balance of economical, ecological and social variables as we strive to design projects with the ability to positively transform communities and civic life. Our team handle all aspects of the architectural process, from consulting and design to construction and realization of the project.



An architectural real estate feasibility study helps our clients assess the merit of a potential real estate investment. It determines whether the idea is financially viable, and whether or not the investment as a whole is worth the time. Our company investigates and evaluates all aspects of the project like design opportunities, timescales, financial and legal implications of the proposed works.



Visionary architecture is conceptual architecture, or architecture based on the act of imagination and vision. We create new prototypes of buildings above the conventional architecture, and we build innovative projects of all scales. Our company has a futuristic approach to architecture and building engineering with a wide range of project ideas, from sustainable architecture, all-in-one concepts and smart eco-cities. For the past years, Ivanov & Partner focus on using cutting-edge technology in all projects to create a place for the future.



  • Area of expertise : BIM

Building Information Modelling is the process of creating and managing information on a construction project across the project lifecycle, from conception through to building operation and management. This information allows better planning and design that takes best advantage of available space and resources. The process can have a number of benefits both to the design team and our clients, both pre- and post-construction. The use of BIM reduces asset costs and achieves a greater operational efficiency, facilitates construction by improving supply chains and limiting error on site, as well as allowing early analysis of the design and its environment via the interrogation and extraction of information.



Virtual Reality visualization allows you to step into a space to check out specific elements, design languages, environments, and construction needs. Utilizing the latest virtual reality (VR) headset, we are able to offer a unique, immersive experience of projects at varying design stages, from feasibility through to construction. This allows our clients to experience a 3D environment, bringing to life the 2D drawings for a greater understanding of scale, depth and spatial awareness.



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