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Dans quel monde vivrons-nous dans 100 ans ? Restera-t-il assez de ressources sur Terre pour que nous puissions vivre comme nous le faisons aujourd’hui ? Un étudiant allemand a imaginé d’immenses constructions écologiques pour la société du futur. Bienvenue dans la « Civilisation 0.000 ». Imaginez un futur où les frontières seraient abolies, où les pays n’existeraient plus, ni même les..

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“Ephemere Highrise” Floating PowerCharging Station by Dimo Ivanov

Resource: http://www.arch2o.com/ephemere-highrise-floating-power-charging-station-dimo-ivanov/

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Resource: http://www.evolo.us/ephemere-highrise-floating-power-station/

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Imagine a future in which all the Earth’s divisions are removed: countries abolished, borders dissolved, and governments overthrown. Such is the version of planet Earth for which „Civilization 0.000“, the 2013 master’s thesis project by Dimo Ivanov of RWTH Aachen University, is designed. Envisioning a future free of „unnatural division“ and where the earth’s resources are..

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Resource: https://lakareacts.com/winners/1st-prize-civilization-0-000/

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Nine visionary projects focused on living within the relatively unexplored terrains of sea and space have been selected as winners of the 2017 Jacques Rougerie international architecture competition. Established in 2011, the competition aims to foster the creativity of young architects by challenging them to complete “innovative, audacious and promising projects” that imagine new methods of..

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2nd Prize: Ports of the future –Ephemere Highrise
Ephemere Highrise - Sea Side
Ephemere Highrise - living level
Ephemere Highrise - Research level

EPHEMERE HIGHRISE Title : Ephemere Highrise Author : Dimo Ivanov Nationality : Bulgarian Year : 2017 Location : – Biography :Type : Special Mention, Design, Energy, Environment, Focus, Futuristic, Green, Infrastructure, Scientific Research, sea, Technology Scale : S : Building Size : – Capacity : –Inspired by professor Donald Sadoway’s notion of giant container sized..

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Honorable Mention 2018 Skyscraper Competition Dimo Ivanov Switzerland Story  Civilization 0.000 is a high tech structure, placed at Cape Horn in Southern Chile, that uses locally available renewable energy sources to generate electricity. Making use of the ample wind, wave, and tidal energy of this region, the structure would utilize a combination of … Resource:..

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Interview with D. Ivanov, 2017 Focus‘ laureate- Promo Eric Scotto, Prize „Innovation and architecture for the sea“. Project : EPHEMERE HIGHRISE Floating Power Station & Liquid Metal Battery Charging Station Team : Ivanov Dimo Country : Bulgaria

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SILVER PRIZE: Genesis+AUTHOR: Dimo Ivanov (Ivanov & Partner) www.ivanovpartner.com Comment by Prof. Hanaa Dahy (architect, engineer, director of the BioMat research team at University of Stuttgart ITKE):“The project is unique and holds both social and sustainability futuristic impacts. Choosing the location in Africa, specifying three directions for energy generation, and introducing diverse technical studies for that is a successful direction. The geometries..

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