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2nd Prize: Ports of the future –Ephemere Highrise
Ephemere Highrise - Sea Side
Ephemere Highrise - living level
Ephemere Highrise - Research level


Title : Ephemere Highrise
Author : Dimo Ivanov
Nationality : Bulgarian
Year : 2017
Location : –
Biography :Type : Special Mention, Design, Energy, Environment, Focus, Futuristic, Green, Infrastructure, Scientific Research, sea, Technology
Scale : S : Building
Size : –
Capacity : –
Inspired by professor Donald Sadoway’s notion of giant container sized liquid metal battery, Ephemere Highrise proposes the idea of a fl oating power station and liquid metal battery charging station. Liquid metal battery The team of professor Sadoway – Ambri aims to develop a giant battery that fi ts in a 40-foot shipping container for placement in the fi eld. And this has a nameplate capacity of two megawatt-hours. That’s enough energy to meet the daily electrical needs of 200 households. Ambri’s cells are strung together within a thermal enclosure to form an ambri core. The ambri core is ‘self-heating’ when operated every couple of days, requiring no external heating to keep the batteries at temperature. The ambri system comprises multiple ambri cores that are strung together and connected to the grid with power electronics. The confi guration of the ambri system is modular and can be customized to meet specifi c customer needs. Offshore wind, wave and tidal energy Ephemere highrise uses 100% renewable energy sources for electricity production. Harnessing energy from offshore winds, waves, and tides holds great promise for our world’s clean energy future. Energy production is just one of the valuable resources our oceans and coastal ecosystems provide. We can successfully develop offshore renewable energy by ensuring that energy projects are sited, designed, and constructed in a manner that protects our fragile ocean ecosystems. All-in-one concept Ephemere highrise is a high tech structure that uses all available local renewable energy sources to generate electricity. However the electricity production is only one of many important functions: living space, education, resource management, energy storage, research and engineering. Inspiré

Descriptive of Author : Floating Power Station & Liquid Metal Battery Charging Station

Resource: http://www.jacquesrougeriedatabase.com/Projects/project/452/0

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